Let’s get those people in the right spots

If there ever was a resource that cuts across both the personal development and performance management models, DISCOVERY™ is that resource. Let us help you find the best people for the job and help you manage them to stardom.

• Participants accurately and quickly assess their natural motivations and abilities as they compare them to company expectations and performance issues.

• Individuals are able to make adjustments in the way work is accomplished based on their unique interests, propelling  them towards greater efficiency.

• Individuals who discover and embrace their unique way of doing things gain an appreciation and tolerance for others who are different than them. This in turn allows for greater productivity, especially among teams where individuals must work closely with one another.

• Participants are able to manage personal issues more effectively. Their personal life issues while in the corporate setting become less distracting from their work.

• Employees feel valued by the company having been given a resource that is applicable across personal and professional concerns.

You will never again select an employee or team member or key contributor without first knowing what he or she naturally does.

• Employees who are misaligned or misplaced in their current position receive hands on awareness and language that enable them to fine tune their career choices, which for about 15% means moving on to something else.

• Managers and executive’s receive vital information about their employees. Employees are eager to share with peers and managers because it is packaged in a positive light. Managers are equipped with the language necessary for  matching task requirements with individual abilities and skills.

• Employees apply the DISCOVERY widely across life issues and relationships. When greater understanding and success come to the employee in their personal life, they are happier people and bring that disposition to the work place. The employer gets the credit for making a difference in the life of the employee and company loyalty and retention is increased.

• DISCOVERY creates a self-management perspective which leads to greater personal responsibility. This frees up leadership and management to focus on more crucial issues within the company.

• Through it unique customization program, DISCOVERY uniquely aligns personal motivations of employees with the specific needs and requirements of the corporate mission statement and ongoing objectives.