• 1. Am I the product of complex experiences or am I unique by design?

    It is too simplistic to reduce ourselves to either passive receptacles of experience or containers of genetic endowment. Environmental influences are incredibly powerful and important. But we believe we are infinitely more complex than that. We believe we also possess a unique design. It is who we naturally are that is impacted by circumstances around us.
  • 2. Is there a difference between skills and abilities driven by natural passion?

    We have found a difference. We acquire skills such as math skills, language skills and typing skills. Abilities are natural, that is, we were born with them. Actions such as organizing, managing and solving problems flow powerfully from abilities, far more than skills. We discover time and time again that whenever someone is doing what they do best they are doing what comes naturally to them rather than using skills they have acquired.
  • 3. How do we tell the difference between my skills and my natural abilities?

    By observing what we are doing during activities in which we have control and enjoy what we are doing. When we have been able to position ourselves to enjoy what we are doing and are doing what comes naturally, we are watching our natural abilities in action
  • 4. Is there a pattern to the expression of my abilities?

    Clearly. By recording how we are moving within different activities which we enjoy, we are able to be specific in identifying the particular abilities that we naturally express.
  • 5. If I am associated with certain abilities, does that mean I am one-dimensional?

    Quite the opposite. Because abilities are transferable, we are naturally able to take on projects and responsibilities for which we may not have acquired skills or credentials. As we generalize our abilities, we make possible the most impactful expression of ourselves, and add breadth and depth to our life.
  • 6. Is it possible to take a test to determine my natural abilities?

    Tests fail to make a distinction between skills and abilities. While most skills can easily be tested, abilities are best observed. A test could not be constructed to measure all the ways we may use our abilities.
  • 7. Do my natural abilities change?

    Rather than change, we develop. Our abilities, which were expressed in simple ways as a child are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. It is this complexity, or the transferability of our energies into new opportunities, which gives the appearance of change. We prefer to call this development rather than change.