So what exactly is it you do?

Each DISCOVERY™ possesses the passion of a Master’s original oil painting. Released in limited production, the DISCOVERY participant receives a 60 minute phone interview from a personal case-writer. Every profile is shaped during the actual interview and written uniquely immediately following. DISCOVERY profiles are placed directly online on personal, password protected web pages created for each participant.

• DISCOVERY profile delivered online to a personal password protected webpage
• Online deliverable allows for free sharing of profile
• Personal webpage promotes continual growth and understanding
• Affordable price point allows entire communities to experience DISCOVERY
• Virtual online community builds relationships and allows members to be recognized for their abilities

Finally, words that describe what you actually do, not what you don’t do. Words that you can take to heart, share with the people you work with and reveal to the people closest to you.

Each personal DISCOVERY discusses

MY GENIUS™ – My four or five core strengths

REWARDS – The rewards I require

TIME – How I manage time

RELATIONSHIPS – How I work with people and authority

FIELDS OF PLAY – Where I do my best work

ABILITIES – How I do what I do

Each DISCOVERY provides an added way for you to grow and develop your unique abilities.

Your DISCOVERY MOMENT™, a unique one hour mentoring experience with your Discovery mentor is recorded, designed to articulate the language of your natural abilities. This natural first step once you have completed a Discovery interview and received a Discovery profile enables you to hear your mentor describe what you do based on his or her deep understanding of your unique giftedness. In a conversational experience your mentor will interact with you about how your very natural abilities can be observed in everything you do. You will have the opportunity to discuss your written Discovery profile, ask questions and gain powerful knowledge about how your gifts should be understood in light of the various life circumstances you currently face.