As a parent, are you an architect or a farmer?

• How can I be sure I am doing all I can do as parent?
• How can I tap into my child’s unique strengths?
• How can two children from the same parents be so different?
• Why isn’t Bobby a straight – A student like his big sister?
• Why isn’t my child turning out like all the books said she would?

If you ever catch yourself asking these questions, BORN TO FLY can provide some answers. A proven approach for discovering your child’s natural design, you will understand your child’s behavior pattern in a new way.

Each child is a precious, unique individual. No two are exactly alike, even within the same family. Parents need to understand and identify the specific gifts of each child given to their care, allowing them to help their child discover and maximize what they do best.

If you don’t take time to understand what your child naturally does and reveal it to her, she will spend a lifetime becoming what others want her to be.

Children are interviewed personally on the phone by a DISCOVERY casewriter, discussing stories of things the child has enjoyed doing. All aspects of the DISCOVERY process are folded into the child’s unique experience.

BORN TO FLY will help you
• See your child from a different perspective
• Observe repeated themes in your child’s behavior
• Record and interpret significant behavior
• Identify the distinct behaviors of each of your children
• Encourage each child to make the most of their strengths

BORN TO FLY DISCOVERY is written for children as early as age five. The DISCOVERY Feedback Mentoring Session is conducted with the child’s parents when under age 12.

Prerequisite – One parent must have participated personally in DISCOVERY before a child may enter the program.