Exponential Insight 31/01/2018

What has been one of your most life changing learning experiences? I would love to hear some of you share how you wrestle with the ongoing issue of personal and professional development, experimentation and collaboration practiced at the highest level.

As a Executive Coach myself I have committed my money and my time consistently over the past 25 years to identifying and participating in many growth experiences some seemingly way too costly seminars, conferences and one on one coaching to more routine opportunities like think tanks, applying myself to consistent reading goals, participation in educational groups and listening to podcasts. With all of that there is still often something missing. Obviously we now live in an age where information has been digitized and democratized in such a way that there are great opportunities to learn from some of the best minds.

Still, as I listen to many of the people I would call my digital mentors, the Peter Diamandias, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Tony Robbins type of thought leaders I recognize there is an economic threshold or entrepreneurial doorway that allows only the extremely wealthy or successful to have a seat at the experiential table. Its one thing to hear about new technology, it’s another thing to discover and learn but there is a gap when there is less of an opportunity to dialog, converse, explore and flesh out here and now practical applications to some of that learning. These superstars create those experiences for themselves, they always have. It was not different with the Rockefellers, Fords, and Carnegies 100 years ago. Certainly someone always left out. There is only so much time and space that a single group of people can experience together. I suppose the ability to take anything from a start up idea to a multi-million dollar enterprise status is not a terrible criterial to determine who sits at the table but it makes me wonder what those of us unlike the billionaires we emulate can do to create encounters which enable us to have similar interactive experiences as these we hear and read about. For one, I know it is time for me to lead another MasterMind experience. 21st century technological advances and ground breaking thinking is disrupting every industry and these ideas need to be explored with a full on human to human exchange. What about you? What about your business. How are you future proofing your life?