I AM DISCOVERED… 18/02/2014


Welcome to I AM DISCOVERED, a weekly blog dedicated to exploring the ways you most naturally live and move in the world.  I’m Dave Ruch, President of I AM DISCOVERED and one of your blog hosts along with Thom Black the Founder.  Each week you will find us exploring with you what it is that really matters to you.  Of course we know that it is to be you living you’re most authentic and passionate life.  Anybody paying attention realizes there are lots of ways to get distracted away from your dreams, drives and ambitions whether in your relationships, your work or simply in the ways you are seeking to show up in your everyday life.

So if you are…congratulations.  You have accomplished something that many struggle to do.  That you have been able to cut through the noise and maintain your own voice is special.  Keep going.  If your answer is no or not yet, what are you waiting for?  Can we say it out loud?  Get a life!  Take some time to ask yourself what is working and what isn’t.  First and foremost ask yourself this question.  Am I happy?  Not in just some of my life but most of my life?  How do you know?  Identify the evidence for your thinking.  What is the purpose of doing the deal everyday if you are not enjoying yourself?

You are as close to happiness when you are able to do what it is you most love to do?  Do you know what that is?  Think right now, who you are and how you got here.  We know there is something unique, magical and natural about what it is you love to do and it is from that place that you have your best shot at success and happiness.  Remember some of those times when what you were doing seemed to come effortlessly. Begin to explore what life looked like when you were doing what you loved to do.  Were you with people or all alone?  Were you designing, creating, inventing, or building? Or were you thinking, exploring, writing and fixing while you worked at figuring things out?  It doesn’t matter what you were doing.  What matters is that it was you.  You were present, engaged, fulfilled and doing what you loved.  So there you go.  There is your assignment for the week.  Check in with us and allow us to explore this path with you. We would love to hear from you.  Join the conversation and tell us what you think.  Thanks for following I AM DISCOVERED.